2017 Mezz Schedule

Packed with 4 unique Workshop Tracks, a huuuuge selection of professional Instructors, hours & hours of partying to the best Live Artists and DJs, and gobs of Bluesy Mezz-style craziness! Get excited with this overview:

MezzJelly Schedule for Blues Competitions

Welcome to the Big Apple!


Daytime Group Mischief
come get a taste of New York while exploring the city together

Hor d’Oeuvres
the house chef is prepping free nibbles for the party, or you can order dinner & top-shelf cocktails at the…

Evening and Late-night Parties
featuring Live Music from The Jonathan Kalb Band and your favorite DJs

Social Spotlight Prelims
show up early as this comp runs throughout the main dance (without any interruptions to the party!) while we get lowdown and groovy

Dress to Impress
this is the night to shine! Think things that sparkle, tuxedos, or whatever you consider to be The Look for a hot night out!

MezzJelly Schedule for Live Blues Music

Let’s hit the Studio!


Workshop Tracks
starting around 12 noon (so party all night!) with Teacher Demos before every class – pick your favorites without limits!

Smorgasbord Lunch
catered buffet gives you more time with friends; see food options during pre-registration

Evening and Late-night Parties
featuring Live Music from It Must Be Jelly! and pro Blues DJs

Scene Showcase Competition & Social Spotlight Finals
root for your favorite teams who are givin’ ya the ol’ razzle dazzle (but don’t worry – we won’t take much time away from partying)

Vintage Blues Theme
pull out your classic wear and head to the juke joint for one wild and rollin’ rumble!

MezzJelly Schedule for Blues Parties

BIG Blues Blowout Bash!


Workshop Tracks
starting at almost 1 PM (so don’t quit partying!) with Teacher Demos before every class – it’ll be hard to choose!

Switch! JnJ Prelims
during lunch break; eat, clap, dance, support your friends, lather, repeat

Evening and Late-night Parties
featuring Live Music from Dan Nash and the hottest DJs

Switch! JnJ Finals & All Award Ceremonies
crowning the dancers who gave it their all while celebrating love of the Blues; that means the real winners are all of us

Hometown Rep
wear the colors or bling that shows off your scene / country — with dancers from Arizona to Washington to Sweden, let’s rep!


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Workshop & Party Schedule

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We’re constantly adding more Blues excitement to the schedule – especially as people continue to register (hint, hint) – meaning this schedule is subject to change. Why not stay updated via the Mezz newsletter?

Photography © Ben Hejkal (left), Andrew Miller (center)