Getting Housing

Space in NY is ridiculously tight! Please consider joining forces with other dancers in our Hotel Connect program. Here are some unique New York guidelines:

  • Housing can not be guaranteed
  • Housing spaces are first come, first served, and are reserved for paid registrants only (priority sorted by date paid, not date registered)
  • As we are close to the event with many registrants, all new requests for housing will enter you on a wait listplease make arrangements with this in mind
  • Please let us know ASAP if your plans have changed! There are no extra spots to be squandered

Our hosts have graciously opened their homes to you, which in this town of New York is a huge deal. Please respect your hosts’ home by doing the following:

  • Bringing a card, a small gift, or other treat to share with them (It does not have to be expensive, just something to show that you are grateful for their help)
  • Respecting the space (doing dishes, cleaning up after yourself) and various sleep times of others in the house

Questions or Changes

Hostel / Hotel Connection

Many people this year will be choosing to be in a Hostel or Hotel. We’re helping you join forces for a cheaper possibility if you selection “Hotel Connection” on the Registration Form.

You’ll be added to the secret Facebook and/or E-mail group connecting dancers who want to share.

Venue Locations

We’ve located all the venues central to Manhattan for easy access! Find maps and addresses to every event here.

Hostel Recommendations

Listed below are some hostels that are easily accessible to events by public transportation:

Fairfield Inn & Suites (116 W 28th @5th Ave): 212-206-0998
Chelsea Hostel (251 West 20th @8th Ave): 212-647-0010
The Pod Hotel; Pod 39 (145 East 39th @Lexington): 212-865-5700
The Pod Hotel; Pod 51 (230 East 51st @3rd Ave): 212-355-0300
American Dream Hostel (168 East 24th @Lexington): 212-260-9779

Apartment Rental

Apartments are small in the city, but you can find space to share. Due to the osculating  nature of NYC rules, is a “your mileage may vary” option.

Join Hotel Connection

Giving Housing

Hosting dancer(s) makes you an instant hero — to us, and even more so, to the person that you open your door. Plus, you get a cash rebate as our personal thanks from the community!

  • It’s easy – you’re not required to do anything beyond offer floor space
  • You earn a money rebate for every out-of-towner helped via our hosting coordinator
  • It’s a great way to make new friends!
  • No time commitment: you’re busy,  and simply offering space is appreciated (they’ll be out dancing all weekend, anyway!)

Message Us

What kind of SLEEPING SPACE do I need to host?

Sleeping spaces range from space on the floor where guests are expected to bring their own bedding, to floor space with an airbed provided by the host, to a couch, to sometimes even a guest room with a real bed! It all depends on what you have available. Comfort is important, and any bedding you can spare will be greatly appreciated, but most dancers are just happy to not be spending money staying elsewhere. 🙂

What do I need to PROVIDE?

Guests are usually asked to bring their own towels, toiletries, food, and other personal items. It can be difficult to travel with lots of things, though, so if you are able to help them out with some/any of these things, please do!

How will my guests GET TO EVENTS -- am I responsible? (hint: no)

Nope! Generally, a “house” will travel together, because it’s easier – and more fun! – that way, but you are in no way obligated to babysit. Your guests will most likely end up navigating public transit to get around.

Do I need to give them a KEY? (hint: no)

No. Some hosts do have extra keys for guests to come and go as they please; others will expect guests to work around their schedule. Make sure you speak with your guests to work this out BEFORE the weekend begins – we don’t want anyone to end up locked out or stranded!

Am I expected to FEED them? (hint: no)

Guests are generally responsible for their own meals. It’s nice to share a meal or two together, and/or have some communal snacks available, though, but not expected.

Hosting  = Low effort. High appreciation.

Once you’ve received your guest info, simply get in touch to give them the following details:

  • Directions to your home
  • When/where to meet up with you
  • Key situation
  • Any other important information

Voila! And now you’re a hero.

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