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Celebrating the wonderful and wide variety

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Inspiring, encouraging, and appreciating each other

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Spotlighting local social and cultural values


Bluesy Cats, Not Copycats

At MezzJelly, we focus on what makes you unique. We celebrate the wide variety that is possible in blues idiom dance and we want you to show off your style to the community!

Struttin’ fan? We got you covered. Delta on your mind? There’s room for you. Single performer or got your Team ready?

Come share it in New York!


Applying for competitions opens before Event Passes Registration, so stay alert via the Newsletter for your opportunity!


We’re publishing more competitions and additional info all the time. Have a question you don’t see here? Shoot us a message

Social Spotlight

A Competition…on Social Dancing!

Are you a shy superstar? Love to compete, but not the stress of making finals? Up-and-coming force looking for a chance to strut your stuff? This is the competition for you!

On Friday night our Secret Rockstar Team™ will be out on the social floor to dance with everyone — in secret! Their Mission? Find a great Spotlight Partner! Your mission? Boogie down with lots of experienced dancers!

If selected for the Saturday Social Spotlights, you’ll be paired with a Pro that has chosen you – just you – to mentor through the final! Our Pros are adding their competition strengths to your social strengths.


Your choice of passes to the hottest upcoming events. Plus, we’re asking our Rockstar Team to pick their favourite non-final-making dancers for a very special prize! Even more so, everyone wins tons of awesome dances!


Prelims Friday 9PM-12:45AM (no interruptions, just social dancing), Finals Saturday 1:00AM

More Details

Because of the high demand on our pros for this event, we are limiting the number of lead and follow spots in the heats. Switches, due to the comp design, you’ll have to pick a competition role… but this is the only time all weekend (and don’t forget to check out our Switch J&J!)

bluesSHOUT! Qualifying All Stars are not eligible to compete but may be eligible to join our Super Secret Team. If you’re interested, please contact us.

Switch! JnJ

How are your partner dance skills?

In ‘J&J’ competitions you’re paired randomly with partners. You will be judged on blues aesthetic, leading, following, and how well you switch between them.

It’s Open Level so everyone & anyone can participate. Try it out and amaze yourself at your skills!


Your choice of passes to the hottest upcoming events, plus mounds of respect and smiles.


Prelims Sunday 2PM (lunch time), Finals Sunday 9:30PM

Fun. Challenge. Community.

“The wealth of a dance couple resides in that they both contribute…what they feel to the music.” – Guillermina Quiroga

Scene Showcase

Represent your Blues

Show us why you’re proud of your local dance scene! This is a chance to demonstrate THAT THING y’all do better than anywhere else:

Does your scene have amazing choreography?
Do you cut like champions?
Do y’all know how to show a beginner a good time?
Can you shake your hips like nobody’s business?
Are you the switch-iest switches? Brilliant-est ballroomers? Fantastic-est fishtailers?

Put together a team (any size) to show us, ’cause everyone wins when we’re excited and inspired by diversity and passion in our Blues community.

Compete for honour and glory — and for Sparta! (wait, we went a little overboard there…)


We’re crowning the most inspiring performance with a cash prize. We want to invest in you and your community to keep it being awesome! …Or use it to buy your scene tacos, which would also make you awesome!


Saturday Night scheduled per-team

We can’t wait to see what you have to share!

Walk the Dinosaur

History Geology in Movement

You will be judged on your traditional blues aesthetic such as groundedness, looseness of limbs, plus a blending of vintage 1980’s techniques in, um, walking. But, like a dinosaur. A Bluesasaurus Rex, if you will. (I can’t believe my auto-correct didn’t just try to change that word)

Are we doing this? YES. No. Maybe.

Look, we don’t know. It sounds like a silly time, so… late-night? Or maybe we’re just seeing who reads these pages all the way. Either way, don’t leave the parties early; you never know what stories you’ll hear the next day!

Recreate. Perspirate. Dinosaurs.