Artists & Style

Live Music

Interact with Musicians, every single class!

Culture & Icons

Historic Blues

Be inspired by Blues roots to create your own memorable style!

Connect & Impress

Skill & Technique

Level up your Blues idiom dance with challenging skills!

Challenge & Grow

Expanded Talents

Bust out of your comfort zone and into something new!

Choose Your Class

Freedom of Choice

At MezzJelly, you can pick-and-choose your classes from ALL Tracks to design your dream schedule!

With so many great classes, we don’t envy your tough decisions. To help, we’ll give

  1. live instructor demos
  2. clear class descriptions
  3. skills you should have
  4. skills you’ll learn

Learn about your favorite subject, follow your favorite instructors, or try something brand new — the choice is entirely yours!


Advanced? Fresh? Somewhere in-between? Our instructors will clearly detail the skills you need for each class, and may make individual suggestions once class starts.


In our experience, the balance (somehow, oddly) works out to be about as equal as at other workshops. We recommend you not question the math! Plus you are…


…roles …classes …your choice …any time!

We’re super serious about this. Make your learning experience work for you!

We Love Music

Live Music Track

Are you ready to get creative?! To ensure you’re doing more than ‘just’ dancing to the music, we’re combining the dance-educators with the music-makers every single class. These dynamic musician-and-dancer instructor teams will help you understand the intimate relationship of music and dance as intertwined creative processes.

Relate. Interact. Create.

“To talk about dancing without talking about music… is like talking about fish without talking about water.” – Lee Ellen Friedland

We Love Inspiration

Historic Blues Track

Draw from the people and the culture that built the foundation for how we dance today. We’re not just recreating  Snakehips Tucker or Sandra Gibson or any of the other many dancers who’ve shaped our dance… we’re understanding what made them unique so we can apply those principles as we work towards developing our own, personal style.

Appreciate. Adapt. Personalize.

“In order to grow you must respect your past to create the new.” – Christine Egashira

We Love Impressing

Skill & Technique Track

Ready to work hard? We aim to challenge Leads and Follows equally with amazing partner connection, stirring new rhythms, and intensive technique classes at every level. This track is packed full of blues idiom dance served straight-up and focused.

Train. Tweak. Utilize.

“God, match me with a good dancer.”- Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing

We Love Getting More

Expanded Talents Track

Inspiration comes in many forms from unexpected sources. Find fresh ways to think about movement, your body, and your partner as we explore some other dances. From West Africa, to South America, to Detroit, we’re cooking up a whole batch of relatable new skills and ideas.

Discover. Experiment. Grow.

“Dancing is just discovery, discovery, discovery.” — Martha Graham