Hey. We’re MezzJelly. An Oldskool Festival Celebrating Blues Roots.

In 1999 we hit the scene with a plan: “We Take Fun Ridiculously Serious.”  Our long-time fans will tell you that they always study harder AND party harder here!

Sure, we were a bunch of enthusiastic dancers who had no idea what we were doing. So of course we threw a second event. And another. Along the way we educated ourselves and the international community.

As we (mostly) matured, so have our events:  Workshops that dive deep into Blues. Parties that give us Dance Higb. Fresh inspiration. Strong community focusAn experience.

A BIG APPLE-sized Blues Shakedown!

New York, NY
July 28-30 2017

We put on events around the world like these cities and others ….and they were never the same again *dun dun dunnnnnn*

Hamburg, Germany
Toronto, Canada
Washington, DC
Portland, OR
Cleveland, OH
Pittsburgh, PA
Berlin, Germany
Waterloo, Canada

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the Blues

July 28-30 2017